Offered through The Marion & Aaron Gural JCC Russian Division

The Harrison-Kerr Family Campus
140 Central Avenue, Lawrence
(Temple Israel)
(enter from the back parking lot)

To register please contact Yulia Gross, Russian Division Children’s Program Director, at or (516) 852-2277.

Ping Pong Club NEW

Will meet every Sunday at the Harrison-Kerr Family campus
Children 10 AM – 11:30 AM
Adults 12 PM – 1:30 PM; price $100 for 10 classes
All sessions will be personally coached by a professional ping pong player.
The class will be set up in a tournament style allowing for fun, friendly competition.
Skills will improve and fun will be had by all!
All members of the community are welcome to join this class–no Russian language is needed.

Gural JCC Russian Division Music with MommyMusic with Mommy

Age: 3
Instructor: Edith Galperin
Sundays, 10:00-11:00am
$220/10 classes

Come witness your child’s first steps on the stage, first dance, first applause and first success of a young artist! The program “Music with Mommy” invites 3-year-old children to participate in lessons that teach music and rhythm. Dance games, lively lessons with musical instruments and sports equipment, and musical stories will help our participants understand the basics of dance and public speaking and will develop social and performance skills. Do not miss this opportunity. Join us for our first class on Sunday, September 30th.

Russian in Me

Age:  4+

Sundays 10 AM – 1 PM; $55 per session
Taught by Lena Rogers
This program is created for children ages 4+ from families of Russian descent who DO NOT speak Russian at home. The 3 hour session will be divided into 5 segments which will introduce your children to the Russian culture through activities such as:
– Story telling/ reading aloud
– Art
– Interactive play
– Singing and dancing
– Snack time and play time
*These classes are kept small to maintain the highest level of success possible.
Lena Rogers is certified and teaches Russian Language using the STARTALK immersion approach. She makes her classes fun and keeps all children engaged.

Exploring our Heritage (NEW)

Must register before August 30, 2019
New Sunday program that meets once a month called Наследие эмиграции, “Exploring Our Heritage”.
Price includes bus ride, museum/exhibit entrance tickets and a snack; $80.00.
Taught by Julia Golbin, a Russian language and literature teacher, with over 10 years of experience teaching in different settings and levels of proficiency. She enjoys creating a fun, unconventional and challenging learning environment for her students. She loves to share her interest in literature, art and heritage with her students of all ages. Embark on an exciting journey to discover, learn and appreciate deep connections to Russian culture in our everyday lives in America. From performing arts to music to literature to movies, 19th and 20th century Russian culture made incredible contributions to our society in the US. We will be taking field trips to museums, exhibit halls, architectural landmarks and arts performances, in addition to class work and independent research.

New Program: Russian Reading Club for Adults

This class will be taught by Veronika Litvinova a RUSA Radio Host
All Ages

Will meet every first and third Sunday of the month, 10:30 AM – 12 PM at the Harrison-Kerr Family Campus (Senior Center).
$20 per session (the book will be included); free for members of The Marion & Aaron Gural JCC senior daycare.
Classical and modern literature and poetry will be read, analyzed and discussed.
Bring your friends or meet new ones, enjoy tea and coffee, listen to enticing lectures surrounding monthly book choices and have a great time immersing yourselves in new works of writing.

Литературный клуб.
Для взрослых
Встречи каждое первое и третье Воскресенье месяца с 10:30 до 12:00
Вероника Литвинова
Ведущая радио RUSA

$20.00 в неделю
Цена книги включена.

За чашкой чая Члены клуба смогут прочесть, проанализировать и обсудить
классические и современные литературные произведения. Прослушать лекцию об
авторах предложенных для прочтения произведений и открыть для себя новое в
литературе и поэзии.

“Little Stars” performing arts studio:

Ages 3+
Instructor: Edith Galperin
Sundays 10:15 AM – 11:00 AM; $23 per session
This program is designed for the youngest children. Your child will experience their first
steps on the stage, first dance, first applause and first success as a young artist.
This program invites children to participate in lessons that teach music and rhythm.
Dance games, lively lessons with musical instruments and sports equipment, and
musical stories will help our participants understand the basics of dance and public
speaking and will develop social and performance skills. Do not miss this opportunity!

The “Butterfly” Children’s Theatre

Intermediate, ages 5-7, 11 AM – 12PM
Advanced, ages 7+, 12 PM – 1:30 PM

To all who love to sing and dance, read poetry and transform into different characters from stories and movies. To all who love to perform and be artists–this class is for you! The “Butterfly” Children’s Theatre is starting its 12th anniversary academic year. In our theatre you will develop performance and public speaking skills while making new friends.

Miron Galperin graduated from the Moscow Gnessin State Music and Pedagogical Institute (now the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music) with a piano degree. His experience includes work as a soloist, accompanist and arranger for the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Moscow Military District. He worked as a director and teacher in a children’s theater and choral studio at the Odessa Academic Theater of Musical Comedy, as a teacher of an experimental music program, and the director of the “Wizard” Theater in the Odessa secondary school No. 101. Some of his productions were broadcast on Ukrainian republican television, and performed at various venues in Odessa. After moving to the United States, Miron Galperin worked as a piano teacher at Lucy Moses Music School in Manhattan, was an accompanist for the Long Island’s Choral Society, performed solo concerts in the Jewish Community Centers of New York and Long Island, and accompanied famous Jewish singers such as Michael Bear, Martha Veroba, Yakov Yavno etc. For many years, Miron Galperin was the head of the children’s vocal group in The Marion & Aaron Gural JCC, and in 2008, together with his wife Edith Galperin, he created the children’s movie studio Morning Star, and later the children’s musical puppet theater Butterfly.

For over 20 years, Edith Galperin works at the Russian language school, “Rainbow” at The Marion & Aaron Gural JCC. During this time she led various musical groups for preschool and elementary students. Edith made learning Russian easy and interesting. She incorporated the Russian language into rhythm and dance classes, performances of poetry, and celebrations of significant dates, and children greatly benefited from her creativity. Often, children of preschool and primary school age feel insecure in their new environment, are afraid to remain without parents in the classroom, and are embarrassed to perform on stage. However, Edith always finds the right words of support, knows how to turn a lesson into a game, and to help a child believe in his or her own strength. Therefore, children are always very fond of Edith’s lessons. In 2008, along with her husband Miron Galperin, she created the children’s movie studio “Morning Star”, and later – the children’s musical theater “Butterfly”, where all of their shows are performed in Russian.

The Literary Club “Word Builders”

Ages:  7-14
Instructor: Yulia Golbin
Alternating Sundays, 11am-12pm
$220/10 classes

Intensive study of the Russian language based on Russian and international literary classics will extend the children’s vocabulary, understanding of the language, pronunciation and promote memorization ability. An informal and creative environment during lessons will encourage communication with peers and develop better conversational and social skills.

Creative Writing

Age 9-12
Sundays, 10:00-11:00am, Alternate weeks
Fee: $22.50

Creative writing is an important skill that all students should practice. This lesson will explore the definition of creative writing as well as some tips and practices to strengthen creative writing skills.