Executive Director
Stacey Feldman

Chief Financial Officer
Robert Daniels

Accounting Director
Raynee Blum

Accounting Assistant
Karen Russo-Franco, BA

Executive Administrative Assistant
Debi Averbach, BA

Associate Executive Director for Early Childhood
Melissa Wienerkur, BA

Assistant Early Childhood Director
Roni C. Shetrit. M.S.T.

Director of Student Support Services
Estie Berman, MS, ED

Early Childhood Center Administrator
Esty Wiener

Early Childhood Center Administrative Assistant
Alexandra Grossman

Associate Executive Director for Older Adults and Special Needs
Cathy P. Byrne, MS, RN

Older Adult Program Director
Mary Sheffield

Special Needs Program Director
Marisa Ruggiero, LMSW

Special Needs Coordinator
Julie London, MSW

Adult Engagement Coordinator
Erica Brown

Cultural Arts and Education Director
Rachayle Deutsch, BA, AAS

Project Kadima, Single Parent Family Services
Rachayle Deutsch, BA, AAS, Coordinator
Jill Alper, LMSW
Deborah Bienenfeld, LMSW

The S.H.O.P. — Sustenance Hope Opportunities Place
Rivkah Halpern, LCSW, Director
Andrew Fixler, Manager
Carol Roth, Operations Manager

Social Work and Community Support Services
Lisa Barnett, LCSW-R, Director
Jill Alper, LMSW
Judy Goldberg, LMSW
Jackie Kaminer, BA
Alisa Katz, LMSW

Saving Lives Five Towns Drug & Alcohol Coalition
Subtance Abuse Prevention & Education
Susan E. Blauner, Director
Isaac Cwibeker, Coalition Coordinator

Volunteer Services Manager
Laurie Brofsky, MSW

Russian Division
Yulia Gross, Director
Marianna Shapiro, Older Adult Program Coordinator
Olga Mamai, Assistant Coordinator
Zhanna Beliaieva, Assistant Coordinator
Diana Zelmanovich, Case Manager

Facilities Staff
Darren Epstein
Todd Jamison
Erick Ramirez

Bus Drivers
Yuriy Biley
Yako Schmulik
Omar Rivas
Gene Stevens

Human Resources
Lauren Mirkin

Executive Director Emeritus
Rina Shkolnik, MS