Send a Message to Congress


  1. Call your senators to make sure the hostages remain top of mind.
  2. Call your congressional representative­ (Phone calls are more effective than email. Need their numbers? Find them here.)
  3. Share this hashtag on social media and tell the world: #BringThemHomeNow.

President Joe Biden made a powerful speech about Israel and the heinous Hamas attacks on our beloved Eretz Yisrael. It is paramount that he hears and feels our appreciation loudly – for speaking with moral clarity, for standing in support of Israel and for sending Israel the military aid it needs to vanquish Hamas.

I urge you to take action and write to President Biden, thanking him for his unwavering support for Israel in her critical time of need and ensuring he remains resolute in this support.

Please do so by clicking here to send President Biden a message of hakaras hatov right away. If you wish, you may copy and paste from this sample text into the box that asks “what would you like to say” on the form:

Thank you, President Biden, for your strong speech yesterday in support of Israel in her war against Hamas. You spoke with moral clarity about how Hamas is evil and you expressed your full support for Israel’s war of self-defense against these vile terrorists.  I thank you for your clear pledge of support to provide Israel with whatever it needs to fight this war to the end.  Please stay strong and resolute in the coming weeks as Israel fights for her security and for the free world. 


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