Contact our Volunteer Services Manager, Laurie Stone Brofsky, at 516-569-6733 x205 to discuss any volunteer opportunities that might interest you or click below to complete a Volunteer Application Form. We look forward to finding a satisfying and rewarding opportunity for you!

Nosh for Neighbors Bat Mitzvah Project

Nosh for Neighbors Bat Mitzvah Project

Types of Volunteer Opportunities

Ongoing: Daily, weekly or monthly assignment with our regularly scheduled programs and services
Skilled/Pro-Bono: Program, project or presentation-based; may be ongoing or one time
One-time/Short term: Special events such as clothing drives or holiday parties 

Opportunities for All Ages

At the JCC, there is a place for all who wish to volunteer. Tweens, teens, adults of all ages and families can all find ways to share their time and talents with our community.